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Yeoville Productions Video & Film is a South Florida based production company under the leadership of Farrell Goldsmith, specializing in providing top quality production for short through full feature length films as well as corporate videos, TV commercials and music videos. Let Yeoville Productions use the power of video and film to help deliver your message in a manner that is precise, entertaining and compelling. Whether you are seeking professional quality video production services, pre production services or post production services the award winning team at Yeoville Productions will see your high quality project delivered on budget and in time.

Our Philosophy:
We treat every job as your production and will involve you as much as you choose in the artistic portrayal of your project whether it is a full fledged feature film, commercial or music video.

Our Style:

Since we are a group of artists with vastly different styles, we are able to conform our expertise to produce your vision as close to your original idea as is humanly possible by leveraging our eclectic mix of talent. At the same time we ensure that everything from picture to sound is captured at the highest quality. We strive to provide a finished film or video combining our technical expertise, artistic approach and your individual input to provide you with something truly unique. 

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